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A mind
is like a parachute;
it doesn't work
if it isn't open

We are a dedicated happy family of tech-savvy teachers, caring creatives, coding musicians, engineering mothers, strategic singles and anything in between. All moving forward together with one goal in mind: creating impact, inspiration, authenticity and positive change.
Unique individuals from all over the world, working as one. Because, as a team, we not only feel we are better and smarter, but it is definitely a helluva lot more fun!
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Creating impact inspiration positive change

We use our creative skills and expertise to help organizations and company's achieve their goals that benefit both their company as the society and make a positive impact in the world.

What I think is the main ingredient to our work is caring (perhaps to much but we do it anyway ;-)
It's this obsessive giving-a-damn about making work that stands out creatively, drives business and, hopefully, has an impact in the real world that drives us everyday to create beautiful and immersive stories to connect people to brands, ideas and each other.

Joost Buitenweg


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