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Wisselweg 33 1314 CB Almere, (FL) Netherlands
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+31 (0) 36 535 47 96

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In India:
602, Reliable Business Center, Oshiwara, Andheri (w), Mumbai
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What do we think ?
"What I think is a big contributor to our succes, is caring... Perhaps too much but we do it anyway.
It's this restless 'giving-a-damn' about making work;
that stands out creatively,
that drives businesses
and hopefully (in our best-case-scenario) has some impact in the real world, That moves us every day to new levels."
// Joost Buitenweg (Founder Pixelthis)

"Xenium Digital is all about giving the best digital experience to the consumers using advanced advertising technologies."
// Parveez (Founder Xenium)

Our Story

We're an intergrated
specialized in engaging
and interactive
visual stories

Our Why

// 01 Who we areAbout us Who & Why


are all about giving the best Digital Experience to the consumers using Creativity and advanced advertising technologies. We bring your brand alive with the help of user interface designs and innovative interactive technologies

Pixelthis collaborates with Xenium Digital for the best VR and AR experience.
Since 2007, Xenium Digital has been providing engaging branded experience to a world class clientele such as Mercedes, Yahoo, Tata, Google, Vodafone, Zee TV, Star India, Intel etc.

Our joint venture make the consumers to directly interact with the brands creating impact.
For this we make, Artistic appeal of UI design, Animations and cutting edge technology, work in unison to ensure a successful campaign.

Xenium has credited itself with introducing the latest technology based interactive promotions to the Indian Market running ahead of the competition.

Now it's time to move on and join forces with Pixelthis to conquer the european market with creative & advanced projects.



Our What

// 02 Services What we do What & How

Handcrafting pixels since 2000
Founded in a new era and based in the new land, we imagine new stories, create cross media-productions and launch creative story-driven content.
We create all kinds of film/video; digital, social, traditional, PR, utility, entertainment, influencer programs, VR, AR and content. 

We combine our idea's with the latest technology and mix it with the commercial or strategic perspective of our clients. That's how we handcraft pixels that: sell, tell, explain, react, interact, seduce...

We collaborate across disciplines and industries to bring our pixels to life.
We seek a balance between:
art and technology,
beauty and purpose,
vision and result.

We know that great productions come from the joy of experimentation and the extraordinary attention to detail.


1. Meet & Discuss

The first step is to establish the purpose of the production in a meeting. We work with our: WWWMG (Or: Who, says What, to Whom, through what Medium, With what Goal)
Quality comes from the idea, first...

2. Concept & Development

After the Meet & Discuss we look for the best form. When there's no concept, we will develop this in this stage.
Further in this phase; development and determination of the script, style, music, and so on...

"A mind is like a parachute; it doesn't work if it isn't open."

In our concepts we're looking for an idea that fits and suits; the brand, the communication, the strategy and the budget.
We even believe that a good concept is stronger than a fact...
That's why we want to think and produce from the very first idea tot the very last pixel... In this process we often work together with marketing-departments of multinationals, advertising- and brand-agencies.

Services: Creative Brainstorms, Scripts, Scenario, Strategy, Formats, Creative Consultancy, Brand development and more...

3. Create & Design

After this we roll into the production-phase in which we prepare and create. We develop animations, logo's, music, and more... Creative and production performance of script. We Film and do post-production.

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

As a all-round en full-service media company with own facilities we conceptualize, produce and publish high quality video-content and cross media-productions.
We connect our creativity with the communication- and marketing goals of our clients. We believe in inspiration, creativity and experience. 'Cause without experienced interaction there is no client-fascination.

Services: Interactive video, Commercials, Promo, 2D & 3D animation, Infographic, Explanimation, Creative corporates, Instruction-film, Product-film, (Corporate) documentary, Videoclip, (Concert)registrations, 360-video, Virtual Reality, Radio-commercials, Voice-Overs, Design, all kinds of Mediaproduction, all kinds of Film, Postproduction, and many more...

4. Launch

After agreement we deliver the project on a format of your choice. Then the launch! This can be a website, social media channels, television, and so on...


If agreed we roll everything according to the schedule and start the actual communication. At the same time we start the contentmarketing campaign, purchase with all channels, positioning, and more...

"Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine customer value."

Creative content connected to an effective marketing campaign can generate leads, increase sales and even build the credibility of a brand!
As your creative partner we can develop a videomarketing-campaign that enables our productions into a powerful marketing tool. Besides production we can also do your purchases/marketing with all media; from bannering to television and from social-media-campaigns to radio.

Services: Buy, Media, Online, Broadcasting, Narrowcasting, radio, Monitoring, Mobile Advertising, SEA / SEO (Google), Social Media, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Affiliate, E-mailmarketing

5. Evaluate & Measure

Eventually results count. Optimal communication is a process that's held by: clarity, schedules, measurement, evaluating, adjustments.
All our projects can be measured on effect, views, ROI, CTR, and so on