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PIXELTHIS - On screens of all shapes and sizes


- From Pixels to Realities...

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Wisselweg 33, 1314 CB Almere, (FL) Netherlands
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@ info
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+31 (0) 36 535 47 96

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What do we think ?
"What I think is a big contributor to our succes, is caring... Perhaps too much but we do it anyway.
It's this restless 'giving-a-damn' about making work;
that stands out creatively,
that drives businesses
and hopefully (in our best-case-scenario) has some impact in the real world, That moves us every day to new levels."
// Joost Buitenweg (Founder Pixelthis)


Just some
Productions and



Right now we're developing an AR experience for the municipal of Hilversum. This includes Content, App-building, CMS, UI/UX. Furthermore we're busy with a VR-experience for Yakult

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Interactive Video


The opportunities of our interactive video is more and more spread and known. Together with our knowledge about Virtual Reality and our creative input, we can give you a valuable tool in your marketing-strategy. 'Cause everything is meassurable within our films, we can adjust the message or images quickly.

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Wanna have a look behind the scenes of our work?

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A quick example of all kinds of animation-styles we produced.

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Commercial for Coster Diamonds. We also made an interactive version of this commercial.

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So far...

Here's one of our promo's of our work

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We're handcrafting pixels since 2000

Check our YouTube and Vimeo channels for more video's