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PIXELTHIS - On screens of all shapes and sizes


- creative production company

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Wisselweg 33 1314 CB Almere, (FL) Netherlands
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@ info
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+31 (0) 36 535 47 96

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What do we think ?
"What I think is a big contributor to our succes, is caring... Perhaps too much but we do it anyway.
It's this restless 'giving-a-damn' about making work;
that stands out creatively,
that drives businesses
and hopefully (in our best-case-scenario) has some impact in the real world, That moves us every day to new levels."
// Joost Buitenweg (Founder Pixelthis)

Our Story

We're an intergrated
specialized in engaging
and interactive
visual stories

Our Why

// 01 Who we areAbout us Who & Why


use ideas and the newest technology to create life in every pixel and tell passionate, engaging and interactive visual experiences for screens of all shapes en sizes

We make commercials;
because good products and good brands deserve good stories.
We make 3d animations;
because we want to build worlds that are yet undiscovered.
We make 360 films;
because we always want to have a broad focus on the world around us.
We make Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality;
because sometimes reality needs expansion.

That's why we imagine
That's why we create
That's why we launch


[pik-suh l, -sel]
The smallest element of a picture
[pik-cher] [th eez] /ðiz/
An expression which endorses people to close their eyes so they can enjoy en focus on a story.
[pik-suh l, -sel] [th eez] /ðiz/
A allround media company Imagines a story and then create life in pixels so others can enjoy creativity.

Our Team


work with people who value their craft as much as we value ours.

For each assignment we bring the right people together; A project-team based on objectives and desired expertise;
on the one hand with the necessary specific knowledge to develop productions to the minutest detail,
on the other with a broad vision of brands, marketing and the changing media-landscape.
With the combination of various disciplines, we offer the whole spectrum of visual communication at your fingertips.

To ensure the best quality on every discipline we joined forces with Xenium Digital for the best and advanced technology there is on VR & AR.
For our marketing campagned we collaborate with the Landelijke Media Groep, a partner of world-player Omnicom.