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We're an Creative Media-Hub, specialized in story-driven productions.

We make commercials; because good products and good brands deserve good stories.
We make 3D animations; because we want to build worlds that are yet undiscovered.
We make 360 films; because we always want to have a broad focus on the world around us.
We make interactive films; because we believe in the power of real interaction.

That's why we imagine.
That's why we create.
That's why we launch.
That's why!

From Pixel to Picture.

We know there's life in every pixel...
Together with imagination,
the power of great ideas
and the latest technology;
we handcraft pixels in every shape, image or message.

We mix our creativity with the latest technology and combine this with the commercial or strategic perspective of our clients.
That's how we create pixels that: sell, tell, explain, react, interact, seduce...

We believe in caring, connecting and commitment and we know that good communication is key in connecting people to each other, to stories, or to brands.
In our communication we always have in thought that a single idea can influence thousands, but an idea that is communicated effectively can change the world.
We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple and easy communication.
We know that making the simple complicated is commonplace. Making the complicated awesomely Simple, that's creativity!
We believe that our creativity and imagination is a powerful tool for searching to new idea's, angles, or stories.
We have a constant focus on new techniques because we believe that will help us to keep on communicating on all levels.
We know that all our projects are the result of human interactions and know that our goals is always to give, invest, support and cooperate.
Our passion and energy is always on the verge of erupting to create fantastic projects.

That's why we make 360 films; because we always want to have a broad focus on the world around us.
That's why we make interactive films; because we believe in the power of real interaction.
That's why we make commercials; because good products and good brands deserve good stories.
That's why we make 3D animations; because we want to build worlds that are yet undiscovered.
That's why we make corporates; because a good company deserves commitment and understanding.

That's why we imagine.
That's why we create.
That's why we launch.
That's why!




What I think is a big contributer to our success - is caring. Perhaps too much, but we do it anyway...
It's this restless giving-a-damn;
about making work that stands out creatively, that drives business and (hopefully in our 'best-case-scenario') has some impact in the real world, that moves us every day to new levels.

// Joost Buitenweg (Founder Pixelthis)




Check out what we love to do every day...

Creative Content & Passionate Productions

Interactive video
360 degree video, Virtual Reality
2D & 3D animations, Infographics, Explanimations
Creative corporates, Corporate docu's
Pixelclips (our film-confection-label)
Instructionfilms, Productfilms,
Radio-Commercials, Voice-Overs
Videoclips, (Concert)registrations
Creative consultancy
and more...

We always have a focus on new technologies but also on people. We believe in commitment en communication. Together with our knowledge to create life in every pixel and our everlasting curiosity and passion, we bind people to a story or a brand.
We do this with great ideas and story-driven moving content.

Whether we're just a single part of a production or producing it whole (from pixel to picture); we can Imagine, Create & launch almost every mediaproject.

"Great productions are not (only) the result of a burst of creativity.
They come from the joy of experimentation and the extraordinary attention to detail."


We are passionate about our work and love every project we work on.

A quick glance at some examples in our Portfolio



We collaborate across disciplines and industries to bring our productions to life.
We seek a balance between art and technology, beauty and purpose, vision and result.
We serve clients by understanding their goals, and sharing in their vision.

Founded in a new era and based in the new land, we imagine new stories, create cross media-productions and produce creative story-driven content.



1. Meet & Discuss

The first step is to establish the purpose of the production in a meeting. We work with our: WWWMG (Or: Who, says What, to Whom, through what Medium, With what Goal)

2. Concept & Development

Then we look for the best form. When there's no concept, we will develop this in this stage. Further in this phase; development and determination of the script, style, music, and so on...

"A mind is like a parachute; it doesn't work if it isn't open."

This is the 'IMAGINE stage' - In our concepts we're looking for an idea that fits and suits; the brand, the communication, the strategy and the budget.
We even believe that a good concept is stronger than a fact...
That's why we want to think and produce from the very first idea tot the very last pixel... In this process we often work together with marketing-departments of multinationals, advertising- and brand-agencies.

Services: Creative Brainstorms, Scripts, Scenario, Strategy, Formats, Creative Consultancy, Brand development and more...

3. Create & Design

After this we roll into the production phase in which we prepare and create. We develop animations, logo's, music, and more... Creative and production performance of script. Film & post-production.

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

This is the 'CREATE stage' - As a all-round en full-service media company with own facilities we conceptualize, produce and publish high quality video-content and cross media-productions.
We connect our creativity with the communication- and marketing goals of our clients. We believe in inspiration, creativity and experience. 'Cause without experienced interaction there is no client-fascination.

Services: Interactive video, Commercials, Promo, 2D & 3D animation, Infographic, Explanimation, Creative corporates, Instruction-film, Product-film, (Corporate) documentary, Videoclip, (Concert)registrations, 360-video, Virtual Reality, Radio-commercials, Voice-Overs, Design, all kinds of Mediaproduction, all kinds of Film, Postproduction, and many more...

4. Launch

After agreement we deliver the project on a format of your choice. Then the launch! This can be a website, social media channels, television, and so on...


If agreed we roll everything according to the schedule and start the actual communication. At the same time we start the contentmarketing campaign, purchase with all channels, positioning, and more...

"Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine customer value."

This is the 'LAUNCH stage' - Creative content connected to an effective marketing campaign can generate leads, increase sales and even build the credibility of a brand!
As your creative partner we can develop a videomarketing-campaign that enables our productions into a powerful marketing tool. Besides production we can also do your purchases/marketing with all media; from bannering to television and from social-media-campaigns to radio.

Services: Buy, Media, Online, Broadcasting, Narrowcasting, radio, Monitoring, Mobile Advertising, SEA / SEO (Google), Social Media, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Affiliate, E-mailmarketing

5. Evaluate & Measure

Eventually results count. Optimal communication is a process that's held by: clarity, schedules, measurement, evaluating, adjustments.
All our projects can be measured on effect, views, ROI, CTR, and so on

Click here for our clients

Some of the testimonials from our clients/Partners

"PIXELTHIS has made a short video for Toys XL. The video exceeded our expectations and was delivered quickly. I recommend PIXELTHIS strongly if you're thinking of producing a corporate!"


Matthijs Bobeldijk

Marketing Manager at Toys XL

"I aproached Pixelthis for a short trailer for BBMK. Joost was able to create a whole of all my whishes and demands. I'm very satisfied about his creative input en professional work and will definitly approach him again."


Martijn Keizer

Owner bouwkundig ontwerp bureau BBMK

"It was soon clear that Joost is not just a filmmaker. He is very committed and thinks from a strategic as from a commercial perspective.
This added value is noticeable in the project"


Nicolien Broring

dbi Communicatie.

"I worked with Joost on a project for the Government (Rijksgebouwendienst). Joost is a driven and creative mind. He always gives a different twist to creative projects.
Humor and a relaxed working atmosphere are always discrete pressence and always with the focus on the endresult. I would advise everybody to work with Joost."


Ivo van Dam

CEO IVADA Electric

"Joost is an expert, knows what he's talking about, comes up with a good plan and has a pleasurable working approach. The result (the showreel) was 100% where my client was looking for. Certain about a next time!"


Debby Toorenaar

Events & Organisation

“I gladly recommend Joost Buitenweg and Pixelthis. Not only wil he think with you, but also gives you new insights and translates what you want in images. really a unique gift. Goodluck with Joost!"


Twan Hillebrand

Specialist lead, educate & develop. HR adviser, HR business partner

Updates & news

News, thoughts, notes and everything we love to share

Interactive video

Interactive communication

The opportunities of our interactive video is more and more spread and known. Together with our knowledge about Virtual Reality and our creative input, we can give you a valuable tool in your marketing-strategy.
'Cause everything is meassurable within our films, we can adjust the message or images quickly.
Recently we did interactive projects for ACM, city of Almere, Province of Flevoland, Reaal and the European Union.

Pixelthis Nieuws ACFC
More than pixels...

Productions, people, planet

We believe in good and sustainable ownership and undertaking. Not only in our customer-relations but also in our care about our environment.
That's why we support in many ways several (inter)national projects like: Parkhuys, Kika, JDRF, Diabetesfonds and Rhiza.
Because we believe that we don't own this planet but merely look after it for the next generation, we try to create and produce as green and sustainable as possible.

Pixelthis Nieuwe produkties

New projects

In the first quarter of 2016 we produced: commercials, promo's, banners, corporates, interactive video's, registrations.
Besides that we were busy with the last details of our interactive video, 360 degree film and virtual reality.
Now, in the second quarter, we're busy with radiocommercials, a television-commercial, webpromo for a multinational.

"There are three respones to a production; No, Yes and WOW.
WOW is the one to aim for."

Visit us or call/Email us

You can reach us every day from 10:00 - 17:00

Office adress

Wisselweg 33, Almere NL

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(+31) (0)36 535 47 96